Platinum V3 replacement coils

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Platinum V3 replacement coils x 5 -Only £12.99 Spare coil heads are available in ..

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Platinum V3 replacement coils x 5 – Only £12.99

Spare coil heads are available in 4 resistances: 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 3.2ohm & 4.0ohm, please choose your required resistance from the dropdown menu. (Currently only avalible in 2.4ohm)

Replacing the coils is quick and simple by following the instructions below.

We would recommend using disposable gloves and an absorbent disposable surface such as kitchen roll for this procedure.

  • Ensure that the tank is empty of e-liquid by removing the top section and pouring any liquid into a suitable container.
  • Once empty, using some kitchen roll, or similar absorbent material, to catch any remaining e-liquid, remove the lower chrome section from the tank.
  • The entire centre section will come out with this bottom fitting. Carefully remove the old coil head by unscrewing anti-clockwise.
  • Attach the new head by screwing clockwise, do not over tighten and take care not to pull on the wicking material or dislodge the silicone top.
  • Once the new head is attached, insert into the tank, taking care not to trap the wick in the bottom screw thread.
  • Fill with e-liquid to the top line printed on the side of the tank, taking care not to overfill, by allowing the e-liquid to travel down the sidewall. Do not pour e-liquid directly down the centre white tube.
  • Once filled to the required level carefully reattach the mouthpiece and tighten finger tight.
  • Attach to your battery of choice and enjoy!


This product is sold as a single use disposable item and is covered by our DOA (dead on arrival) warranty.

This means, that from date of receipt the buyer has 5 days to ensure the goods are in good working order and report any faults.

If any parts are found to be faulty within this time please contact our customer service team  or 03300 882796) and we will arrange for a replacement. We may require the goods to be returned for further investigation.


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