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5x 20ml Platinum Range
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We are very proud of our e-liquid's. Building Our E-liquid branding, our Platinum Range e-liquid .....
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Product Description

We are very proud of our e-liquid’s. Building Our E-liquid branding, our Platinum Range e-liquid is very special.  Not only is it designed and produced using only the best UK produced products, but these products have been brought together after substantial effort and time invested into supplier research and relationship development, such that we can say with confidence that these fluids are one of the most superior available and we believe offer the very best value for money.  However, our opinion is of much less value than our customers. These fluids have been tested thoroughly, including panels of our own customers to give the direction and feedback. This testing has allowed the Platinum range to be honed to the level of quality and consistency that we believe supports our claims that Platinum E-Liquid is the best quality UK produced e-liquid offered at a price that delivers on our commitment. 


BLACK CHERRYa deeply delicious black cherry flavour for those with a sweeter palate. Wonderfully decadent, a taste of gateaux without the calories! PLATINUM ICED MENTHOLa strong menthol mint for those that prefer a more robust flavour. It’s an ice cold, refreshing and crystal clear taste for that WOW sensation!
PEACHa ripe and sensual, natural peach flavour. A tantalising, mouth watering taste of summer at the beach! Lemon Sherbeta clean, mouth watering mediterranean lemon flavour, naturally zesty and fresh. A citrusy sensation!
FRUIT PUNCHa medley of flavour in an exquisite explosion of citrus and berry tastes. Tutti-fruitti at it’s very best! BUBBLEGUMan original, sweet bubblegum flavour to take you back to the days of sweet shops and 10p mixes
FRESH MINTa cleansing and cool peppermint flavour for a natural, breath fresh, clear taste! VANILLAa natural, exotic vanilla flavour straight from the pod. A fragrant and indulgent tasty treat!
ORANGE SHERBETlight and refreshing this orange flavour will tingle your tastebuds! VANILLA CREAMCaptivating, rich vanilla with a hint of cream. Aromatic and luscious flavour for those which a sweet tooth.
FRUIT FREEZEmixed fruit flavours blended with a cool menthol after kick! CAPPUCCINOa true, strong coffee flavour
PLATINUM TOBACCOa dark tobacco flavour, full-bodied and rich to give you all the taste of natural tobacco in a non-harmful way. SOFT MINTa subtly sweet, spearmint flavour. Refreshing, cool and delicate – a mini mouthwash taste!
SUMMER STRAWBERRYthis delicious strawberry taste reminds us of chewits, sweet vape with that strawberry tanginess! FRUITILICIOUSA medley of dark berries with peach tones. Taste so full of Fruit and Licious its simply “Fruitilicious”

Product Care

E-liquid is a consumable and as such cannot be exchanged or refunded once purchased, if you require support with your e-liquid please contact a member of our customer services team.

Store in a cool dark area, do not expose to sunlight or high temperatures. e-liquid may discolour or darken once opened, this is natural oxidization and does not affect the performance or flavour.

Warning: Keep cartridges and fluid out of reach from children. Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm. All nicotine cartridges and fluid must be kept in a safe place and away from children, as the amount of nicotine in a cartridge, if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm and medical assistance should be sought. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, if this occurs wash immediately with plenty of water. Do not ingest, if swallowed seek medical attention immediately.

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