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Experience The Best With Platinum Changeable System.
Our very own Platinum system is the latest in e-cigarette innovation. The improvement to the Platinum series means that not only is this system a better, smother delivery it’s changeable so you can maintain it with ease. The coil head is simple to remove and replace, the liquid tank fills from the top and is completely enclosed to help prevent leakage and the drip tip mouthpiece provides a pleasing agronomical delivery of your favourite e-liquid with no loss of flavour. The Platinum System and accessories come in a variety of colours so you can make your e-cigarette unique to your own taste and personality. We believe that the Platinum system is the best there is on the market right now! 

Our electronic cigarette kits contain everything that a new or experienced user will require to use the product directly from the box. Our kits have been developed to offer a range of options to suit all needs: from the experienced user wishing to upgrade to the new or novice user who is looking for a high quality initial experience with an electronic cigarette. All our kits are listed such that you can understand clearly what each product provides and the options available.

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