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We are Platinum E-Liquid Ltd, Established 2013, a small yet perfectly formed E-Liquid Company. Our liquids are manufactured in the U.K. using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine and bases mixed with the best quality flavours this Country has to offer to give you the perfect accessory to accompany the e-cigarette of your choice. We recently won an award from AI Global for “The Best E-Liquid Company Of The Year UK 2015” which we are very proud of! We aim to provide you with everything you require to enhance your e-cigarette experience. 
We offer a liquid for every palate with a choice of strength of nicotine from super-high to zero
 in our “Platinum” range so whether you’re looking for a replacement for tobacco cigarettes or a gradual reduction in your nicotine requirements we can provide top quality e-liquids that suit you. We are introducing a new Range called “Elite” which comes in 5 strengths 0,3,6,11 and 16mg our liquid ranges are continually being developed right now based on customer feedback and suggestion so if you have any queries or requests for new flavours you can email us or pop in to one of our retail outlets for a chat! We are an official U.K. “Joytech” supplier and have just added the “Odyssey” E-Liquid range to our inventory as well. Our stock of e-cigarettes, nicotine delivery systems and accompanying mods is always being improved and updated.

We have tried to make our website easy to navigate and consumer friendly with help and advice available for anyone who needs it and links to Facebook and Twitter to keep you up to date with all things new at Platinum E-Liquid, if you have any queries, suggestions or issues please let us know so we can improve, grow and continue to deliver the service we believe you deserve!

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  10 November 2017


  But We Are As Strong As Ever Online

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